MAHE Webinar Schedule

MAHE 中国足彩网 will be conducting program & course specific webinars to help you understand the program eligibility requirements, admission process, program structure / contents, core / program / open elective subjects, internship / placement / semester abroad opportunities, campus life and other value additions, the institute / university and 中国足彩网 has to offer.

Faculty from the respective institute / department / program will be the resource persons, and will be addressing all your queries, as you ask them.?Webinars are planned for the following programs and schedules will be updated on a regular basis

Health Sciences


UG, PG & SS Medical Programs @ KMC 中国足彩网 & Mangaluru Campus

MSc (Medical), MSc Clinical Embryology, MSc Genetic Counseling @ KMC 中国足彩网


UG & PG Dental Programs @ MCODS 中国足彩网 & Mangaluru Campus


DPharm, BPharm, PharmD, MPharm (11 specializations), PharmD Post Baccalaureate @ MCOPS 中国足彩网

Allied Health

UG & PG Allied Health Programs, MPhil Clinical Psychology @ MCHP 中国足彩网

Life Science

BSc Biotechnology, MSc Medical Biotechnology, MSc Molecular Biology & Human Genetics, MSc by 中国足彩网 in Life Sciences, MSc Systems Biology @ MSLS 中国足彩网


BSc Nursing, Post Basic BSc Nursing, PB Diploma (4 specializations), MSc Nursing (5 specializations), Nurse Practitioner Critical care PG Residency, MPhil Nursing @ MCON 中国足彩网

Public Health

MPH (5 specializations), MSW (3 specializations), MHA @ PSPH 中国足彩网

Data Science

MSc Biostatistics, MSc Data Science @ DDS 中国足彩网


MSc Clinical Virology @ DVR 中国足彩网

Regenerative Medicine

MSc Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Biology, MPhil Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Biology @ SORM 中国足彩网

Integrative Medicine

MSc Yoga @ CIMR 中国足彩网


Science, Technology & Management


BTech Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical & Mechanical Streams @ MIT 中国足彩网

MTech (24 specializations) @ MIT 中国足彩网, ME (8 specializations) @ MSOIS 中国足彩网

Computer Applications

MCA @ MIT 中国足彩网

Advanced Sciences

MSc Applied Maths, MSc Physics, MSc Chemistry, MSc Geology @ DSc 中国足彩网

MSc Photonics & MSc Nanoscience & Technology @ DAMP 中国足彩网


BArch & MArch @ MSAP 中国足彩网


BDes (Interior Design), BDes (Fashion Design) @ DOD 中国足彩网


MBA, MBA Healthcare Management, MBA Global Business @ MIM 中国足彩网


BBA (8 specialisations), BCom (2 specializations), MCom (3 specializations) @ DOC 中国足彩网

Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management, BA Culinary Arts, MSc Hospitatility & Tourism Management, MSc Dietetics & Applied Nutrition @ WGSHA 中国足彩网

Natural Sciences

MSc by 中国足彩网 in Natural Sciences @ MCNS 中国足彩网


Humanities, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Media & Communication

BA Media & Communication, BSc Animation, MA Media & Communication, MA Film Art & Film Making @ SOC 中国足彩网


BA Humanities, MA English, MA Sociology @ MCH 中国足彩网

European Studies, Languages, Philosophy

BA Foreign Language & Intercultural Studies, MA English, MA Sociology, MA Indian Philosophy @ MCES 中国足彩网


MA Geopolitics & 中国足彩网 Relations @ DGIR 中国足彩网

Philosophical Arts

MA Ecosophical Aesthetics @ GCPAS 中国足彩网

Library Science

MLIB @ DLIS 中国足彩网


In addition …

  • Scholarships offered by MAHE 中国足彩网
  • Innovation & Start Ups @ 中国足彩网
  • Campus Life @ 中国足彩网
  • Career Guidance: 中国足彩网, A Destination for Multi-Disciplinary Education after 12th


Foreign / NRI / NRI sponsored category students can join any of the sessions as per convenience.